Motorcycles are considered to be the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation. They are sleek, efficient, not too heavy on your pocket and not too high on maintenance. In India, motorcycles are high in demand. Given the traffic conditions, the narrow lanes and crowded public transport, bikes or any kind of two-wheelers work just absolutely fine. Whether it is to improve your daily commute or go riding off into the sunset, you’re at that point when you want your own motorcycle.

But, how to choose a motorcycle? There are numerous brands, numerous models, and numerous features that can leave anyone confused. In case you’re planning to invest in a motorcycle soon, we at BikeLoanEMI have you covered. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while choosing a motorcycle.

Know The Different Kinds Of Bikes

If you are a biker enthusiast, you would know that there are different types of models that serve different purposes. For beginners, it is necessary to understand the different types of bikes available in the market, especially considering the list is endless. It is important to understand what kind of bike serves what purpose and whether it is meant for you or not.

A standard bike is the most preferred choice for those who wish to commute to work or ride within the city and more. Cruisers that come with comfortable seating are considered to be a well fit for those who wish to take long bike rides. A type of customized sports bike called the ‘Streetfighter’ is good for racing and street sports. Thus, understand the purpose and know your ability before buying a motorcycle.


The most important factor while choosing a bike is to fix a budget. As mentioned, there are numerous brands providing different types of bikes, so the range of these bikes can greatly differ. A standard bike is generally less expensive than a cruiser. If you wish to own a bike with high-end features, you may have to shell out a lot more than you would expect. Also remember, the cost of a bike does not stop at the purchase – that is just the beginning. In the future, you will have to invest money into maintaining the bike. So before choosing a bike, you should consider its maintenance cost and whether it is affordable.

While choosing a motorcycle, it is also important to know the resale value of the investment that you are making. In a few years, if you wish to upgrade yourself to a newer model, it is best to know the resale bracket of the bike you own. Of course, this component is variable as it depends on the condition of the bike, the distance travelled, and other such factors to determine the actual resale cost of your bike.


When it comes to budget and costing, one must also pay due attention to the mileage of the bike. Mileage is directly related to fuel efficiency. A bike that gives out more mileage is considered to be the best as it reduces the cost of fuel expenditure. If you wish to go on long bike rides then a bike that boasts of high mileage is what you should opt for. A scooter is considered to be a good investment for those who wish to manage daily chores while reducing the cost of travel as it covers long distances on less fuel. However, there are scooters that come with low mileage too. Again, pay attention to the purpose of buying and budget to figure out the desired mileage.


Since your childhood, you’ve been dreaming of riding the fancy bike which the ‘cool uncle’ in the neighborhood has always been riding. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? At some point in time, there has been or will be a discussion at home about one trusted brand that has been manufacturing the best bikes for years.

Well, you can go with your conviction or you can be the spontaneous kind while choosing the brand that you wish to purchase. It is always preferable to opt for a brand that provides the best maintenance service, or at least better than the rest. You should not find it a difficult task to hunt a service center every time your bike breaks down. And do expect your bike to give you some hiccups; it is called a ‘mean beast’ after all.

Read Reviews

You may be an expert when it comes to bikes and knowing their features but nothing beats the experience of someone who owns a bike and has ridden it for a long time. Once you have made a list of bikes that fit your purpose, budget and brand, make sure to read some reviews about the bikes you have shortlisted. You may even talk to someone who owns the same brand or a similar model to know if you are making the right choice or not.

Follow Your Heart

At the end of the day, we suggest that you follow your heart but make a rational decision while choosing a bike. You may have a dream of owning a particular kind of a bike, and you may have pictured yourself riding the mean beast for ages. We say, go ahead and do not deprive yourself of the happiness that you have been longing for. Of course, keep in mind and consider the mentioned criteria. Luckily, you can easily get a two-wheeler loan, so money will be the last of your issues. Shortlist a few, go with your heart and fulfill that dream of being a biker!