9 Best Accessories With  Yamaha R15  V4

Tank Pad


- Saves your tank from getting scratched

- Adds to the style of your R15

- Yamaha Global Standard Quality

Quick Shift System


- QSS mechanism allows rider to shift gears (Up-Shifts only)

- Without applying clutch & deaccelerating the throttle.

- Gear up without clutch and throttle operation & reduce time loss &; rider stress

Clutch/Brake Lever


- The Levers are made from premium quality material, which makes it more durable than standard levers.

- The lever has anti-slip surface for perfect and comfortable grip

- An ideal choice for enhanced handling.

Frame Slider


- Avoid the damage in case of a light crash.

- No need to make any holes on the bike.

- Globally recognized frame protector.

Lever Guard


- To Protect your levers in case of a fall or crash.

- Designed to protect against accidental engagement of the levers.

- Easy to install, no complicated tools required, convenient to use.

Mobile Charger


- Convenience of charging your smartphone on the go.

- Smartphone and its accessories shown in this image is for representation purpose only

Seat Cover


- Protect original seat from direct damage

- Additional comfort with extra cushion

- Maintenance free and easy mounting

Skid Plate


- Protects the Muffler from damage due to speed breakers or uneven road conditions

-Specially designed for R15 Series

-Yamaha Global Standard Quality

Yamaha Blue Backpack


- Stylish and comfortable backpack

- Multi compartments for easy and safe travel

-Tight and safe Laptop compartment with safe zip pouch

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