Discovering the Suzuki  Burgman Street 125

Stylish Design:

The Suzuki Burgman Street 125 stands out with its contemporary and premium design. It draws inspiration from maxi-scooters, featuring a large front apron, sleek LED headlights, and a sporty yet elegant overall appearance.

Comfortable Riding Position:

The Burgman Street 125 offers a spacious and comfortable riding position. Its wide and well-padded seat, along with a relaxed footboard, makes for a comfortable experience during both short city commutes and longer rides.

Powerful Engine:

Equipped with a 125cc engine, the Burgman Street delivers a good balance between power and fuel efficiency.

CVT Transmission:

The scooter features a Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), which eliminates the need for manual gear shifting.

Storage Space:

One of the standout features of the Burgman Street 125 is its generous storage capacity. It comes with an under-seat storage compartment that can accommodate a full-face helmet and some additional items, enhancing its practicality for daily use.

Advanced Features:

Suzuki has equipped the Burgman Street 125 with modern features like a fully digital instrument cluster that provides information such as speed, fuel level, odometer, trip meter, and more.

Suspension and Handling:

The telescopic front suspension and rear monoshock suspension contribute to a comfortable and stable ride. The scooter's chassis and suspension setup are designed to handle varying road conditions with ease.

Braking System:

The Burgman Street 125 comes with a combination of front disc and rear drum brakes, providing sufficient stopping power and control. This setup aids in ensuring safety during rides.

Variety of Colors:

The scooter is available in a range of attractive colors, allowing riders to choose a shade that matches their personal style and preferences.

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