Exploring the Honda Activa 125 Experience



Mileage Indications

Fuel efficiency and distance to empty throughout the ride.


Honda has developed a new Tyre Compound Technology that greatly reduces rolling resistance by maintaining the road grip.

Silent Start With ACG

Activa 125 is equipped with ACG starter, which starts the engine silently by removing the gear meshing noise. It also reduces maintenance.

Commanding Tail Lamp

The bold, X-shaped broad design of the tail lamp commands attention and admiration equally.

Double Lid External Fuel Fill

Fuel filling right at your fingertips. Now get fuel filled while sitting on your scooter.

LED Headlamp And Signature LED Position Lamp

The glamorous LED headlamp with stylish LED position lamp adds to the style quotient of Activa 125.

Multi-Function Switch Unit

One compact console ensures safety of the vehicle and convenience of opening the underseat storage and external fuel lid.


Complete peace of mind with 10 years warranty package, Comprising 3 years standard and 7 years optional service warranty.


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