Honda Activa 6G: Choose from 7 Colors

The Honda Activa 6G has taken the scooter market by storm with its stylish design and advanced features.

Pearl Precious White:

This classic white shade exudes elegance and sophistication. The Pearl Precious White color is a timeless choice that complements the Activa 6G's sleek design.

Matte Axis Grey Metallic

For those who prefer a more contemporary look, the Matte Axis Grey Metallic offers a subdued yet bold appearance. This matte finish adds a touch of modernity to the scooter.


Black is synonymous with power and authority. The Activa 6G in black exudes confidence and a strong presence on the road, making it a favorite among riders who want to make a statement.

Midnight Blue Metallic:

The Midnight Blue Metallic shade adds a sense of calm and serenity to the Activa 6G. It's a color that resonates with riders seeking a more peaceful and tranquil riding experience.

Rebel Red Metallic

For a touch of warmth and richness, the Rebel Red Metallic color is an excellent option. It adds a layer of sophistication to the scooter's appearance and showcases your refined taste.

Pearl Siren Blue

The Pearl Siren Blue color exudes a futuristic and avant-garde vibe. This unique shade sets you apart from the crowd and highlights your distinct style.

Matte Magnificent Copper Metallic

If you're looking for a burst of energy and positivity, the Matte Magnificent Copper Metallic color is the perfect choice. This vibrant shade adds a pop of color to your ride and brings a smile to everyone's face.

The Activa 6G allows riders to choose the color that best resonates with their personality and preferences.

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