Unveiling the Adventure: Honda's XL750 Transalp Hits the Road!


The frontal area boasts a unified design, featuring compact headlights that prioritize night visibility.

Tail lamp

The rugged rear design complements the adventure style, featuring an exclusive aluminum rear carrier for practicality and three-dimensional LED tail lamps.


The new model blends short-distance maneuverability with long-distance comfort and stability, ensuring adaptability on various road types.


For a balanced ride, the model features 200mm front/190mm rear wheel travel, a 1,561mm wheelbase, 27° caster angle, and 110.6mm trail—ideal for daily commuting and on/off-road touring.


The front brake uses a pin-sliding 2-pot caliper and Φ310 mm double disc, while the rear brake uses a 1-pot caliper and Φ256 mm single disc.

Fully Equipped Meter

The 5.0" TFT. full-colour LCD multi-information display makes it easy to see and intuitively handle a wealth of information.

Pre-Bike-Trip Checklist: Gear Up for Adventure!


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