The Kawasaki Z900RS 

A Modern Icon of Classic Power

Timeless Styling

The Z900RS offers timeless good looks with an exquisite attention to detail and superb fit-and-finish that results in a very high-quality appearance.

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Simple, Uncluttered Engine Design With a naked bike, the engine is an important styling element, and with its simple, uncluttered design the engine adds to the Z900RS’ presence.

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Spoke-Style Cast Wheels Original cast wheels feature flat spokes designed to look like classic wire-spoked wheels.

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Z1-Inspired Tail Cowl and LED Taillight The flowing design of the rear cowl was inspired by the duck-bill tail cowl of the Z1.

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Multi-Function LCD

Analogue-style speedometer and tachometer dials are complemented by a multifunctional LCD screen, balancing retro-style looks with modern functionality.

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Material and Finish When designing the exhaust system over 20 variations were considered before arriving at the final design, one that emphasises the presence of the In-Line Four engine.

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Iconic Teardrop Tank The centrepiece of the Z900RS’ design, the beautiful teardrop fuel tank is reminiscent of the Z1.

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Fuel System

Fuel injection: Ø 36 mm x 4 with sub-throttles

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