Top 5  Must-Have Scooters in India with Prices

Whether you're a daily commuter or just looking for an efficient mode of transportation, scooters offer a convenient and stylish choice.

Honda Activa 6G

Price: INR 67,843 (ex-showroom). In Demand For: Renowned for reliability, comfort, and a wide service network.

TVS Jupiter

Price: INR 64,437 (ex-showroom) In Demand For: Value for money, Style and Practicality.

Suzuki Access 125

 Price: INR 74,000 (ex-showroom) in Demand For: Performance and Premium feel

Hero Maestro Edge 125

Price: INR 69,250 (ex-showroom) In Demand For: Style, Technology and Competitive Pricing

Yamaha Fascino 125

Price: INR 72,030 (ex-showroom) In Demand: Unique and trendy Looks

These top 5 scooter models represent a variety of choices for Indian consumers, catering to different preferences and budgets.

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