TVS X: Top 5 Cities for the Best Launch Price

The launch of the new TVS X has ignited excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts across India.


The launch price in Mumbai is remarkably competitive, catering to both seasoned riders and newcomers alike.

Starting From : 2,49,990 (Ex-showroom Price)


The launch price in Ahmedabad ensures that riders can experience the thrill of this new model without breaking the bank.

Starting From : 2,49,990 (Ex-showroom Price)


The launch price in Hyderabad has sparked the interest of riders who seek a perfect blend of style and performance.

Starting From : 2,49,990 (Ex-showroom Price)


The launch price in Chennai reflects TVS's commitment to its roots and its loyal fanbase.

Starting From : 2,49,990 (Ex-showroom Price)


The launch price in Bangalore has captured the attention of the city's diverse rider community, from daily commuters to weekend thrill-seekers.

Starting From : 2,49,990 (Ex-showroom Price)

The TVS X's successful entry into these top 5 cities—Mumbai, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore—speaks volumes about its exceptional launch price and captivating features.

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