Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition launched at 5.60 lakh

In a groundbreaking move that's set to redefine the electric motorcycle landscape, Ultraviolette Automotive has unveiled the highly anticipated Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition.

The Futuristic Design

The Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition is a visual masterpiece that seamlessly merges technology and aesthetics.

Electrifying Performance

At the heart of the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition lies a potent electric powertrain that delivers mind-boggling performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Ultraviolette's commitment to innovation shines through in the F77 Space Edition. Equipped with a sophisticated touch screen dashboard, riders can access a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Range and Efficiency

Range anxiety becomes a thing of the past with the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition. Thanks to its advanced battery technology, it offers an impressive range on a single charge.

The Affordable Luxury

Ultraviolette's commitment to accessibility is evident in the pricing of the F77 Space Edition. Priced at just Rs. 5.60 lakh, it offers a remarkable combination of futuristic design, high performance, and advanced technology at an affordable cost.

The launch of the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition marks a significant milestone in the evolution of electric motorcycles. With its futuristic design, electrifying performance, cutting-edge technology,

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