Let’s accept it, at least once in our lives, the thought ‘how it would be to ride a superbike’ has crossed our minds. It’s quite possible to turn this thought into a reality and satiate your desire to ride a superbike, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. While it appears to be very cool and effortless, there’s a great amount of risk attached. One mistake and you may suffer its consequences for a lifetime. After all, we’ve all heard of several gut-wrenching, brutal and terrifying stories related to speeding and superbikes. What does one need to do to avoid mishaps while still having fun? Here’s a guide on things to know before riding a superbike.

Know The Basics

Before you lay your hands on a superbike, you definitely need to know how to ride a standard bike. You need to have had enough experience riding a motorcycle, and should be familiar with every function of the bike. Riding a standard bike and riding a superbike are two different things, but it becomes a lot easier if you know the basics. You need practice, so that from standard bikes, you can move to a powerful one and then to a superbike. It’s highly advisable that you develop the skills that are needed to ride a superbike by starting with the basics, also make sure you know how to choose a motorcycle.

Know Your Bike

There are many types of bikes available in the market. There are sport bikes, cruisers, dirt bikes, power cruisers and many more apart from just standard bikes. It’s important to know which bike you’re going to ride and what are its features. Superbikes are giant and powerful, so before you get riding, know what your type is. You should be capable of handling its weight, horse power and size, among other things.

For a beginner, a high amount of study and research is required before getting the adrenaline rush of riding a superbike. You should talk to experts or frequent riders who know all the functions of a superbike and can guide you through. But nobody is a better teacher than yourself: do have enough practice sessions before you set the engine at full throttle.

Further, if you plan on buying a superbike, get familiar with the factors to consider before buying a new bike kind of servicing that your bike needs from time to time. Superbikes are high on maintenance and need to be serviced regularly. Fuel is also a very important aspect that you need to focus on. Your superbike may function best only on a certain type of fuel, or it may require a certain kind of oil to keep the engine roaring. It is advisable for you to have these discussions with the manufacturer and understand your bike and its needs. Knowing these nitty-gritties will only help you understand it better, thereby riding it better.

Know Your Gear

Safety first – this should definitely be the mantra of every biker enthusiast who wishes to enjoy the thrill and comfort of riding a two-wheeler. When riding a superbike, you need to be extra careful. You need to ensure that you’ve picked up the perfect protective gear before you ride off. Superbikes come with high risk and it goes without saying that you have to be very responsible while enjoying the ‘beast’.

When wearing a helmet, make sure you wear one that does its job and will be sturdy enough to protect you. What is the point of having a helmet that won’t fulfill its purpose? Similarly, where’s the point of wearing elbow caps that won’t save you from damaging a bone? Safety gear which is certified and adheres to certain criterias is a must. The gear should at least include a helmet, jacket, gloves, and joint caps. Boots are also recommended to ride a superbike.

Know Your Roads

Not every bike is meant for every road. Likewise, not every superbike is meant for every road. You can’t go speeding your giant beast down a busy lane, and you may not want to take your superbike for an expedition to the mountains. A superbike should be ridden only where its full potential can be experienced. They will fail to give you the thrill you are expecting without any fault of theirs on lanes with speed limits. Plus, superbikes have the power to hit 100km/h within a few seconds. When ridden on crowded lanes, it can lead to an unexpected mishap.

This is why it is important to be in the right place on the right road when riding a superbike. Instead of risking it by trying to navigate city streets, try your hand at a superbike in an open, clear area with a smooth, empty road. Always be aware of what you are riding and where you are riding.

Know Your Abilities And Limits

Self-awareness is important and understated when riding a bike. You cannot become an expert in a day, and it is a gradual process. So give yourself the time to develop your skills before pushing the accelerator to the maximum. Also, you should be aware of how much is too much. It’s not for no reason that superbikes are called giant beasts. You should know how much power you’ll be able to manage without risking your life and the lives of others. If you’re unsure, take it slow and have an experienced rider riding pillion so they can instruct you should you start to panic.


There is no doubt that speeding is fun on superbikes and pulling off stunts is even more fun, but be responsible. A mature rider would take all the safety precautions on road, study about the bike and then lay their hands on a superbike. Practice getting the hang of it, whether you’re going to buy a superbike or simply try out your buddy’s bike. If you are planning to buy a superbike, make sure to check out our Bike Loan EMI calculator.